How it works

Stable helps Dairy, Livestock and Arable farmers insure themselves from volatile commodity prices. To make it simple, quick and affordable for everyone, it's all based on public indexes from Government organisations like the AHDB and DEFRA. We use these indexes to calculate a free and no obligation quote to protect your farm and automatically replace any loss of income caused by volatile prices.

  • Price Fall

Protect your farm from a Price Fall

  1. 1. Getting a quote from Stable takes under 2 minutes. It works by asking 3 simple questions:
  2. a) How much do you wish to protect from a price fall? (litres, kilos or tonnes)
  3. b) How long do want to be protected for?
  4. c) What index price drop you want protection from?
  5. 2. Stable will then generate an automatic Premium quote to protect you against this potential loss of income.
  6. 3. If the index price is lower than the price you selected, then you'll receive an automated payment to replace your lost income. If the index price stays high, you'll receive more for your farm produce, but forfeit the premium (as you would with car insurance when your car isn’t stolen).

Stable is simple, affordable and designed with all the features you need to protect your farm from volatility.

Simple to Use & Lower Risk

Our simple insurance solution is totally focussed on making life simple for busy farmers. Your maximum risk is the Premium you pay.

Start Small

With Stable, there is no deposit or margin account needed and you can insure as little as 1 tonne of meat, 10 tonnes of arable or 10,000 litres of milk to see how it all works. It's affordable for every size of business.

Automated Payments

Because any payments are settled using index’s like DEFRA's Farmgate Milk Price, we can make a completely automated payment, just 3 working days after the index is published.

Exceptional Customer Support

Stable is run from a farm in Somerset and our UK support team is always available if you need any help.

For farmers, yield is now only half the risk

Good farmers are good risk managers.  As an industry, farmers are brilliant at managing production risk, using resistant varieties, good genetics and practiced management skills. However, that’s increasingly only half the risk to a profitable farm. CAP changes and now Brexit have increased our exposure to volatile global commodity prices. This change means farmers also now need to manage the price risks which have such an enormous influence on the bottom line.

Our goal is to help your business move...

From this...

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Research and Support

The initial research behind Stable was created by our founder as part of the prestigious Nuffield Farming Scholarship programme. It has now grown to become a collaboration between over 300 farmers from around the world and some of the world’s foremost experts in Agri Risk Management and Finance. The initiative has also received invaluable support from academics at institutions including Harvard University, Liverpool’s Institute of Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, Lisbon University and the University of Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand. We are very grateful for all their help in making the Stable initiative a reality.